Kollaborative Online-Plattform für Investigation und Management von großen Wirtschaftsstrafverfahren.

Kollaborative Online-Plattform für Investigation und Management von komplexen, internationalen Wirtschaftsstrafverfahren.

Collaborative online platform for investigation and management of complex, multi-jurisdictional antitrust disputes. Generation of insights from large-scale client datasets using state-of-the-art technology.

Digitization & Document Classification

  • Digitization of paper-based files and documents
  • Creation of virtual data room in secured enclave
  • Algorithmic classification of digitized data
  • Online search with Google-feeling

Data Extraction & Quality Assurance

  • AI-based extraction of key data points from documents
  • Rigorous quality checks for detection of inconsistencies
  • Manual annotation and data correction features
  • Extensive documentation and audit trail

Project Management & Monitoring

  • Real-time dashboard monitors overall progress
  • Visualization of detailed performance metrics
  • Early detection of blind spots
  • Strong access controls

Dr. Benjamin Flesch
Ihr Ansprechpartner für Investigative
Big Data Platform.

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